African Mango Side Effects

Does the African mango have side effects?Does African mango for weight loss have any side effects?

There has been some confusion about it but experts agree that there are no direct known side effects associated with the intake of African mango extract.

Some sources have reported minor, mild effects that were said to fade away after the first days of use.

The thing is that most of these reported side effects are not due to the use of African mango but possibly as a result of dieting. So is it safe to use? Yes it is for most people.

Read on to learn all there is to know about this dietary supplement.

Historical Use of African Mango Extract Indicates Lack of Side Effects
African mango (Irvingia) extract, used in weight loss supplements, is derived from the seeds (nuts) of the Irvingia tree. This West African tree is also called bush mango or wild mango and its nuts have been part of local traditional cuisine for centuries. The Dika, Etima, or Ogbono nuts as they are called are used as pastes, oils, and soup thickeners. The widespread and common culinary use of this spice suggests the absence of side effects or other adverse reactions.

How The Weight Loss Properties of African Mango Were Discovered
Interestingly, in the countries where Irvingia nuts and fruits are a native food source long-term consumption seemed to lead to two positive side effects; resistance to obesity and diabetes. These observations attracted the attention of researchers and instigated further research.

What Does Science Say About Side Effects?
According to studies done on the weight loss effects of this substance there are no side effects. Researchers stated that: “African Mango extract is all-natural and there have been no known serious side effects during clinically trials.”

Also the renowned Dr. Oz who recommended the African Mango extract stated on his TV show that there are no side effects known.

During the clinical trials conducted to find evidence for the weight loss properties of African mango extract a small part of the participants reported that minor African mango side effects did occur.

Some participants, during the starting phase of the trial, mentioned minor effects such as sleeping difficulties, mild headaches, and gas (flatulence). Interestingly, such reports were similar in rate among the control group taking inactive placebo pills. So there must have been something else that caused such effects in certain members of both groups.

Let’s examine how such effects could have been present.

  • Flatulence is a common side effect when detoxing, especially when someone changes diet. Also the severity of congestion, and toxic levels in the colon add to this symptom. So it’s actually a natural dieting side effect that will fade away in the first few days.
  • The slight headaches, reported by some individuals, are common among dieters. They can be caused by drinking not enough water, sudden drops in calorie intake, or decreased blood sugar levels. Dieters also incline to drink much more coffee to suppress their appetites. Those who are sensitive to the caffeine may experience such side effects.
  • Because African Mango increases energy and mental alertness it may initially cause sleeping difficulties in some people. Within a few days this side effect was claimed to be over. A solution could be to increase physical activity in the first part of the evening, or to consume this additional energy otherwise.
  • Some people have mentioned dizziness but there is no direct causal link to the intake of this extract and this particular symptom. Getting dizzy is a common physiological effect during dieting. When you stop eating for a while, or eat much less, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is a a logical consequence ( weight loss experts agree that such drastic dietary changes are not recommended). In other words; when the sugar levels drop too far the effect will be dizziness. You could easily counter this by eating more frequently. Additional advantage of doing so is that your metabolism will improve as well by doing so.

Not All Reported Side Effects Due To Use African Mango.

So in conclusion, the only side effect that can be attributed to the use of African mango extract is difficulty getting asleep in the first few days of use. This is actually a very normal phenomenon when using a (natural) stimulant such as African mango extract. If you are sensitive to such substances it would be recommended to opt for a non-stimulant weight loss pill.

Flatulence and dizziness are common effects of dieting and or detoxing and are not a result of the use of this supplement. Whether or not this tropical extract is safe to use for pregnant and breast feeding women is unclear. Clinical trials examining this have not been conducted yet. An intended side effect that does occur is a decreased appetite. It is a desired effect that helps you eat less.

African Mango Benefits

The studies showed a:

  • considerable reduction in hip, waist, and buttock circumference
  • an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds in 28 days
  • increased good cholesterol levels and reduced bad cholesterol
  • decreases blood sugar levels (stimulated insulin sensitivity)

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Not convinced that African Mango is the best solution for you?

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7 thoughts on “African Mango Side Effects

  1. do you have to drink extra water while taking this pill??? I started taking the african mango pill & I got a yeast infection?? Please advise me

  2. Thanks so much for this product as far as i have had about it, it really works and would love to have one for myself. The only problem is am far in Africa a Country called Uganda in East Africa where most of us really use credit cards.
    This becomes a big challenge for some of us who would like to use African mango but cant get it. so my quetion is do you have any other modes of payment say like bank wiring?

  3. Was wondering if you have a kidney disease is it all right to take , It sounds amazing and what im looking for , Thankyou Barbara J

  4. Been taking African mango supplement for 3 days, appears to be working, however for the last 24 hours I have incredible itching and redness of both hands and feet. So far have I read nothing in side effects that would suggest its a result of the supplement. Anyone else have this? FYI The supplement is the only dietary change I’ve made.

  5. I have been taking the african mango for the past two weeks now and I have yet to see weight loss. The only effect that occurs is flatulence. Please advise.

  6. im making enquiries on the African mango&cleanse,i hve a blood disorder,i do hve a wait problem,,am wantin to take some wait of me,

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