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Kou tea weight loss tea

Koutea Review, Does Koutea Weight Loss Tea Work?

Kou tea weight loss tea
Kou tea

A lot of people drink green tea – it tastes nice, it’s a good detox, has some other health benefits and even helps people lose weight. But there are other teas that fit even better in a well balanced diet. Kou tea is a brand name of a blend of 4 teas that are known to help shed pounds. Read on to learn more about KouTea and why it’s so popular right now.

It’s crazy to think that you can actually lose weight, purely by drinking tea, right? Well, in fact, it’s not. If you, like me, drink a lot of “normal” tea in combination with KouTea, and even when you enjoying your tea watching the TV, you will be losing weight at the same time. This may sound like a fairy tale but even science says certain teas can help you get slim.

KouTea make a variety of tea, ranging from green to pu-erh types, and they claim that their natural teas are the best way to lose weight and avoid the nasty side effects you get if you go on diet supplements and diet pills.

Did you know.. it’s common knowledge that a vast majority of Hollywood celebrities like Johnny Depp for example, use KouTea products to keep their weight in order, as well as the metabolism boost and the benefits to their skin.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a 2009 study which showed that drinking green tea, in opposition to black teas – Green Tea has over thirty times the Catechins that black tea does – helped massively in weight loss and reducing your Body Mass Index(BMI).

Catechins help fat metabolize quicker than normal.
There are no known side-effects caused by drinking KouTea products, unless you do have caffeine allergies or sensitivity to tea-based products. However, this is balanced as KouTea products have much less caffeine in it than your average teas.

Which Tea Does What?
Each different type of Tea which KouTea provides have different qualities for your body – they are not all just weight loss products.

  • Green Tea – Helps weight loss, burn calories, raise your metabolism, and detox yourself from any ailments going on within. Helps burn away fat pretty much! Good if you have a cold too, I find.
  • Oolong Tea – Boosts blood sugar levels and raises metabolism. Burns additional calories just like Green Tea, has Vitamin A,B,C and E, along with Calcium and Potassium. Very good for you, no doubt, helps boost your system in many ways.
  • Pu-erh Tea – Helps your digest food better, as it makes it digest faster so you have less time to take in the fat and carbohydrates that you do normally. Helps lower cholesterol by ridding you of harmful toxins within. Pu-erh tea is often referred to as the world’s healthiest tea.
  • White Tea – Taken from the highest portion of the tea plant, good to help blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol too. Speeds up metabolism and boosts your natural fat burning ability.

As you can see, they all have various bonuses to your health – so although not radical fixes to weight loss like surgery and the like, they are genuinely good for you and helps you naturally get the shape you desire.
The facts show that you can lose weight without changing your diet using these teas, but it is not going to become a radical change in your weight.

Cup of Kou tea
Cup of Kou tea

The bonus is that with KouTea, both bags can be used twice, it is suggested that you drink 2-4 cups in a day, so two bags a day. You make it the same as you would any other tea really. Boil the kettle, add the tea into the hot water, let it steep in there for a few minutes, go at it with a spoon, and enjoy! It can taken hot or cold, but is nicer cold in my opinion. I also like to put a little bit of honey and lemon in there, but make sure you have no issues with honey or lemon.

All in all, the addition of bonuses to your overall health, and the enhanced metabolism which will help you slim down make Kou Tea a great addition to a well-balanced diet. If you want to lose weight Kou Tea can help you achieve your goals. Drinking a few cups of tea will not make you slim over night but no product does. But when used in combination with a healthy diet and regular excercise this slimming tea is a healthy, safe, and effective addition that can help you feel good about your body again. For more info visit the official Kou Tea website .

Other really popular dietary aids that have been recently discovered are Yacon Syrup and Saffron extract.

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