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How To Find The Best Diet Pill For Me

How to pick a diet pill that suits me best? That’s what millions of people are asking themselves and it’s not an easy question to answer.

It depends on so many things. Your medical history, allergies, your lifestyle (whether you like excercising  or not), if you are sensitive to stimulants, your eating habits, and so on.

In order to help you determine which weight loss supplement will suit you best here are some tips.

The most important thing: The best diet pill for you is the one that fits your lifestyle the most.

A few examples:

  • If you know you find it hard to cut back on fast foods or fatty snacks then a fat blocker may be best for you.
  • If you have difficulty suppressing those cravings no matter which food type, then a quality appetite suppressant may be your best option.
  • If you like to exercise and are willing to step it up a little more (or just start out for that matter) you may want to take a stimulating supplement that gives you some extra energy and helps kick metabolism in the overdrive.
  • Which brings us to the next point, know your body. Keep in mind that stimulants temporarily elevate heart rate and blood pressure. Understanding your body and your medical history are important.
  • If an all-natural, as close to nature as possible product is essential to you you may want to opt for such a pill. A no-brainer but still important to keep in consideration since there are so many options and you may lose your focus while doing your research.

Additional tips:

  • Study ingredients. Some ingredients can be harmful and a part of those are banned. See the end of this post which to avoid. Other active ingredients are proven effective in studies.  For instance green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).
  • Be wise about where you buy. Buy from reputable companies and read reviews. Some companies will trick you into buying something you don’t know includes an automatic monthly refill and thus credit card charge. Always read the small letters.


Food is essential to losing weight and choosing the right diet pill

your choice of diet pill should reflect your eating habits
your choice of diet pill should reflect your eating habits

Let’s start about food intake. Like it or not but nutrition is the key.  You can excercise like a Spartan warrior  but if your food intake is wrong you will not reach your goals.

In this day and age most people know that maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet is key to losing weight.

However, what many do not know is what a healthy diet actually is.

There are still too many people who think that processed foods (actually most foods you can buy in a grocery store) are healthy.

Let’s say this one more time. They are not..

Such misconceptions may lead to wrong choice and use of supplements. So therefore two examples.

There are still too many people who think that ketchup is less fattening than mayonaise because it’s a red sauce and mayonaise is fat.

A quick look on the label would make them realize that ketchup is full of sugar. Which does not make you feel full but crave more later on instead of mayonaise which at least fills you up a bit.

Even for the anti-cancer effects of heated tomatoes, ketchup isn’t recommended. It’s simply unhealthy.

Tip: If you still haven’t cut back on your sugar intake watch this video titled: Sugar The Bitter Truth.

It will change your life.

Seriously, I did change mine. It is a genuine eye-opener. After seeing it I cut back almost as much as is possible and take sugar only now and then, this way it really is a treat.

Another misconception about what a healthy well-balanced diet is..

Some folks avoid eating nuts. They are not used to it, it’s new, they may not like the taste and have heard some time that nuts are fatty. So nuts are quickly discarded as not relevant for their personal diet.

Even though a balanced diet consisting of eating some nuts and seeds every day can help you slim down. They are just part of a healthy diet (of course, not for allergic people)

Enough about food and lifestyle, how to find out which diet pills will work for you..

.. (just needed to stress this because tweaking your food intake is an essential part of the diet mix and will inprove your results when taking a supplement)

How to find the best diet pill?

weight loss pills without stimulants
choice in diet pills can be overwhelming


As with which foods you like or maybe are allergic to, the same counts for weight loss pills.

Some work for some people. Others work for other people. And let’s be honest about it, many do not work at all. Fact is is that none of the existing diet supplements work wonders.

So if a product’s advertisements sound too good to be true, they probably are. Never believe that you can take a pill and magically shed those pounds in a period of days or weeks without taking other measures.

Supplements, the name says it already, supplement you in your efforts.

Supplement me in what? You may ask.

Well for example in burning more calories by standing more instead of sitting is one thing you can do.

Recent research shows that during 2 hours of standing you burn as much calories as in half an hour of jogging.

Dr. Dermont Phelan, of the Cleveland Clinic, also offers hope for those who don’t like vigorous excercise.

“… it doesn’t mean that we have to go to the gym for 30 minutes in the day. Just a brisk walk, and we don’t have to do it continuously. Even doing 10 minutes three times a day will work.”

Which means you don’t necessarily have to be a gym rat. Not to forget mentioning prolonged sitting is unhealhty and there’s a direct link between obesity.

This is from the MayoClinic website:

Researchers have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.

In order to do so you may want to take a diet pill that provides you with some extra energy. Combat that sluggishnes.

This way the knife cuts on two ends. You will get up more, burn more calories, and enjoy the obesity related benefits of standing instead of sitting.

The best diet pill for me is the one that best fits my lifestyle and habits

It’s all a matter of choosing the one that suits you. As mentioned before, it should fit your lifestyle.

Diet pills do work, if you use them appropriately.

  • Which foods you have trouble giving up on,
  • whether or not you like excercising,
  • if you can use some more energy during the day.

Here are two recommendations. Based on vast amounts of user reviews, experiences and sales numbers of the past years. Both are two of the best selling most popular and effective diet pills available.

The best diet pill for the sporty, more jitter resistant, individual

Phen 375  powerful diet pills
Phen375 is the most powerful non-prescription diet pill you can get

This is an important distinction. There are stimulant and non-stimulant diet pills.

It may be hard to determine which is for you if you have no experience with stimulants but you can take drinking coffee as an example.

If you are prone to the jitters and don’t like the sensation then a non stimulating supplement may be better for you,.

When you take certain diet pills you may have trouble sleeping (just don’t take them in the evening), feel jittery, restlessness, dizzy, or sweaty.

Fat burner Phen375 is such a strong, yet pretty powerful supplement. Actually it is the most powerful diet pill you can get in the US without prescription.

Phen375 is chemically related to phentermine which is one of the four most prescribed diet pills.

It’s one of the best diet pills out there but it’s not for everyone since some users experience some of the aforementioned side effects.

However, it works as an appetite suppressant and fat burner. It is a ‘prescription strength’ proven effective OTC product. It works because of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), which has shown in studies to block an enzyme responsible for fat production.

A study by the Temple University demonstrated that daily DHEA intake resulted in overweight men to lose 31% of their body fat.

If you like to do sports, or if you need some extra energy, if you are not sensitive to coffee or simular stimulants,  or don’t mind potentially, feeling some mild side effects such as feeling a bit warm or jittery, Phen375 may be your best bet.

An example of how this supplement can work for you..

A friend of mine recently started working behind a standing desk. He felt the urge to sit all the time but when he started taking Phen375 he was happy to stand. He walked around more, even got to get coffee for his team (which he never did before :). In other words, he managed to be much more active, thus burning calories in a way he could not have done (or much less) without the suppplement. He felt a bit dizzy when he started taking it but apart from that he had no adverse effects. Only more energy and less appetite.

Bottom line: Phen375 will give you more energy and pump you up a little and some people experience side effects while others do not. But it certainly is one of the best rated, best reviewed fat burners out there.

Even though some products actually are relatively effective, they are not for everyone.

On the other hand, certain supplements REALLY CAN give you a headstart.

The best diet pill for people who want a popular natural supplement.

top selling, very well reviewed natural supplement
top selling, very well reviewed natural supplement

If you prefer a more natural, more mild approach then Garcinia cambogia supplements may be the best diet pill for you.

This supplement, also called African Mango is derived from the African Irvingia gabonensis tree and its main action is slowing conversion of carbs to fat.

It is not stimulating so no increased heart rate or anything.

Its fruit seeds contain an active ingredient that boosts metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels (studies demonstrated a 39% reduction, offers natural energy boost and has some more benefits.

Garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a compound that has been studied for its potential to help decrease body fat and curb appetite.

Check out the raving customer reviews on Amazon to find out if this product is for you.

Garcinia cambogia is and has been for at least a year, the most popular, non-invasive diet pill you can get. It’s far from a fad considering its continued popularity and being so widely acclaimed.

More comprehensive information on what it is and how it works here.

African Mango/ Garcinia cambogia is also one of the weight loss pills Dr. Oz recommends. Hit the link to learn about other popular (mostly natural) supplements.

Another, somewhat similar all-natural product that is often bought and used in combination with Garcinia cambogia is Green coffee been extract.

 Wrapping it up

I deliberately address things as standing vs sitting, eating ketchup or mayonaise here. I do this to show you that supplementation is part of a holistic approach. And if you do this wisely and well-considered, based on who you are, you will be able to achieve better results.

All these aspects are intertwined. If  you use an suppressant that helps you combat your inner sweet tooth and thus cut back on sugar cravings you will find you are more energetic the next day. (sugar really makes you sluggish, just try avoiding it for a few days and feel the difference) Which will help you be more active. Which will burn more calories, so you feel better and more motivated. Well, you’ll get it.

Also important..

Which ingredients to avoid?

Also according to TV show host doctor Oz as well as other experts you should be careful with the following ingredients. In fact, these can be harmful and dangerous so do not buy products containing these substances.

Fenproporex –  is converted to amphetamine in the body that may cause heart problems and even result in death. Not approved for use in the U.S.

Bitter orange/synephrine – Bitter orange is a fruit that contains a chemical called synephrine. Often used in weight loss products since ephedra was banned. Experts think it is just as usnafe as ephedra. May cause increased heart rate, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, fainting, and heart attack. Still for sale, for example Alpha Hoodia contains this substance.

Phenolphthalein – FDA declared it “not generally recognized as safe and effective.” Can still be found as a hidden ingredient in some weight-loss pills.

Sibutramine – a potent stimulant linked to increased heart attack or stroke risk. Lots of potential side effects. Removed from the market in 2010. Several weight-loss drugs have been found to illegally contain sibutramine.

Keep in mind

Companies that make supplements don’t have to prove that their products are effective or safe before putting them on the market.

Even if the label says that it’s natural does not mean it’s necessarily safe or healthy.
Always ask your doctor first before you start taking a new (over-the-counter) weight loss product.

We have been talking about non-prescription supplements here. The most common prescription weight loss drugs are orlistat, Belviq, phentermine, and Qsymia.

Ask your doctor about which one will be best for you.






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Dr. Oz Recommends Meratrim, A Review and Studies, Does It Really Work?

In one of Doctor Oz’s recent TV Shows he shared a really useful weight loss tip. In the Feb. 10 episode titled “Triple Your Fat Loss” de renowned TV doctor came with some groundbreaking news.

Dr. Oz:

“This program works faster than ever,”

Following his latests insights he composed a weight-loss program that works in three ways:

  • blocks fat storage,
  • burns fat after meals,
  • and activates your body’s fat-fighting furnace.

Dr. Oz also added:

“You start to see the results in just two weeks.”

So how does the new weight loss plan work?

Dr. Oz’s most recent diet consists of three actions:

  1. Double your protein intake to burn more calories.
  2. Take the Meratrim fat-blocking supplement.
  3. Drink pomegranate vinegar after meals to flush fat.


1. Eating more protein will automatically help you lose weight.

That’s what all experts agree on. When you eat more protein, for example eggs at breakfast, you feel full longer and eat less during the day.

  • In one study, a group of 30 test persons ended up eating fewer calories. Not only at lunch, but also during the other meals that day. The effect was even more powerful, this  may sound unbelievable but it’s demonstrated in this PubMed study, the women ate less calories during the following 36 hours.
  • In another study, one group of test persons ate eggs, the others bagels during their diet. Two months later the people eating eggs had achieved 65% more weight loss (2 lbs vs 1.3 lbs).

Next to calorie restriction, eating more protein will also boost how much calories you burn.

Doctor Oz recommends in his Triple-Your-Fat-Loss plan to double your protein intake at every meal.

By replacing the carbs in your daily meal with protein your body will burn a lot more calories.

Eggs bad for cholesterol? Don’t worry. Recent studies show that they do NOT raise your bad cholesterol like was generally thought. (35, ).

2. Meratrim fat-blocking supplement

What’s so special about Meratrim? And what actually is in this weight loss pill?

Meratrim consists of the flower Garcinia Mangostana and the herb sphaeranthus indicus. Both known for their fat-fighting properties.

When combined they are thought to have a synergistic effect. Reinforcing their action to create a more powerful fat blocker.

Does Meratrim really work?

In his show Dr. Oz had asked 30 audience members to use the Meratrim supplement for two weeks. After this experiment it turned out that:

the volunteers using Meratrim had lost three pounds and three inches off their waists on average.

Only after taking Meratrim for 14 days.

Are there studies that proof Meratrim works for weight loss?

Yes there are. Not only Dr. Oz’s experiment demonstrates this diet pill works.

This PubMed study for example concludes:

Our findings suggest that the herbal blend appears to be a well-tolerated and effective ingredient for weight management.

Scientific research found demonstates:

Difference between results of people taking Meratrim & placebo:

  • Lost additional 8.3 lbs.
  • 1.25 inches from the hip.
  • Extra 2.32 inches from the waist.
The Vitamin Shoppe
Visit The Vitamin Shoppe to check out their best selling product, Meratrim


Meratrim is such a promising diet supplement for many who struggle with weight problems because it is not only endorsed by world’s most renowned authorities on weightr loss and health, Dr. Oz. but it is also backed by scientific research.

What exactly is Meratrim?

The herb, sphaeranthus indicus is also called East Indian Thistle. There are suggestions that it may serve as a strong support for your immunity and ease with diabetes. Historically known for its medicinal properties.

The flower is also known as Purple Mangosteen. It has been traditionally used in folk medicine to treat a wide variety of ailments.

So how does it work?

Meratrim, simply put,  has a number of amino-acid chains that help your body break down fat and process food.

Dr. Oz recommends for optimal results:

  • Take 400mg of Meratrim 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
  • Walk half an hour a day. Five days a week.,
  • Maintain a maximum daily caloric intake of 2000 calories.

 3. Drink pomegranate vinegar after meals to flush fat.

Step 3 in Dr. Oz’s “Triple Your Fat Loss” plan. Take a tablespoon of pomegranate vinegar after every meal.

Pomegranate vinegar can help lower the glycemic load of foods. Which, in other words, means that it prevents the blood-sugar spikes that fuel fat storage.

Dr. Oz is not alone in this, many researchers think (pomegranate) vinegar helps reduce belly fat.

Are you ready to try Meratrim? Or have you already?

We all know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off as well as it is to find the right supplement for your situation. Let others know thoughts or about your experiences in the comment section below..

Click here for a list of all weight loss supplements endorsed by doctor Oz.


Another diet pill best seller:

If you’re for any reason, not convinced this 3 steps diet plan will be your best bet then make sure to check out Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

This natural appetite suppressant is one of the top weight loss sellers on Amazon. And it has raving reviews too.

The key to effective weight loss:

Also make sure to check this post about How to naturally improve your leptin levels. (Leptin is the hormone that holds the secret to losing weight.)

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Dr Oz: Eat Your Body Fat Away With Healthy Fats and the FBCx Supplement

Of course the magic diet pill still hasn’t been found. And it will probably take a while before that will happen. If ever.

But when you combine eating wisely and exercising with the right supplements you can definitely lose weight.

Something to keep in mind, despite what many people think, exercising is not the most important factor in losing weight effectively. Your diet is. Recent studies show that:

Exercise alone leads to a very modest decrease in total body weight: less than 3 percent!

As I’ve said before, being aware of which foods are good for you and which not is the main component in structural weight loss.

How to eat more healthy and store less fat

To just sum up the key factors here, cut back your sugar and white starches intake as much as possible. Eat more plants, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, and don’t be scared of fats, whole milk, butter, dairy, and other honest real foods.

You may think, doesn’t dairy make me fat? No it does not. Studies show that people who are calcium deficient have more body fat and are less able to control their appetite.

Moreover, studies also show that dairy sources of calcium more significantly aid fat loss than other sources.

Often low fat and light cheese are recommended for this purpose. I myself think whole products are healthier than light products, margarine, or other processed stuff. Just take them in moderation.

The good thing of eating fats is that they make you feel full longer so you are less inclined to snack or eat more in general.

fats have 9 calories per gram compared to 4 for protein or carbs so a little bit of nuts or peanut butter can ward off hunger for hours

On top of that, certain fats are really healthy and induce weight loss in an additional way. (more in a bit) The recently discovered and now very popular FCBx pills are also claimed to help you get slimmer.

How does the FCBx supplement aid weight loss?

When you  maintain a balanced sensible diet certain supplements may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

One of those is FBCx, a fat-burning supplement that burns calories recently acclaimed by Dr. Oz.

Together with healthy fats such as avocado, almond butter, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, mackerel, sunflower oil and seeds, olives, FBCx shows to help you get slimmer.

Dr. Oz recently said in his TV show:

“Science shows us it absolutely works, literally, we can eat away at the fat in our bodies.”

The healthy, slimming fats are so called monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). They help you get rid of excess fat because you eat less other food but also because they take longer to digest.

Which fats will help you shed pounds?

Multiple renowned sources basing their claims on scientific evidence state that monounsaturated fatty acids are powerful reducers of belly fat.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) however have shown to shed of stored fat cells in your body too. PUFAs are present in fish and fish oil as well as nuts and seeds.

According to a Dutch study dietary intake of PUFAs increases resting metabolic rate, as well as the amount of calories you burn.

Other benefits of monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • help flush out fat in your body
  • reduce inflammation (known to be the major cause of chronic diseases).
  • prevent heart disease, dementia, and diabetes,
  • give you a more radiant, youthful skin

A bit more about FBCx

FBCx is a special type of fiber. You may know that all fibers bind to fat but what’s so special about FBCx is that it is able to bind and eliminate up to 9 times its weight in fat compared to the 1:1 ratio of conventional dietary fibers.

Because of this unique property it is able to help you reduce up to 500 calories of fat per day. FBCx works best for those days when you follow your diet less strictly.

Dr. Oz recently said:

“Every time you cheat on your diet, I want you to grab one of these itty-bitty pills. This tiny tablet can push a lot of fat out of your body.”

Another benefit of taking FBCx is that it reduces triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels in our blood. (Here more on how to lower your triglyceride levels and insulin resistance .)

On top of that, the supplement also is proven to enhance insulin sensitivity without side effects.

Here’s a popular, well-reviewed FBCx fiber supplement on Amazon.

Do you already incorporate healthy fats in your diet? Did you notice improvement? Weigh in below..

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Does Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Help Weight Loss? Testimonials and Studies

I love coconut oil. The extra virgin version that is. I bake eggs or other foods in it, I use it to make almond butter, put it on bread, and even make deodorant out of it.

Not only does it taste great (I often can’t withstand the urge to just eat a teaspoon or two out of the jar) but it is amazingly healthy too.

Many foods have been touted as superfoods the past years. A lot of them turned out to be just healthy foods. Nothing more. Extra virgin coconut oil does not belong to this category.

It truly is a superfood.

If you are still skeptical towards virgin coconut oil being a superfood, maybe you should take a look at the reviews of this book: Virgin Coconut Oil: How It Has Changed People’s Lives, and How It Can Change Yours!

That’s nice, you might say, but how can it help me with weight loss?

Well here is how.

5 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Helps Weight Loss

As a sugar /sweet foods replacement. First of all, if you are craving for something sweet you are way better off taking a bit of coconut oil instead of something with sugar of high fructose corn syrup in it. (you know you need to quit sugar right? Or at least cut back to a normal sugar consuption level which I would say means, taking it now and then, in the weekend, as a real treat, not as a structural part of your diet, you don’t do that with alcohol either..)

Reduces appetite. Because it’s so fatty it fills you up too, which reduces further cravings. Several studies confirm this. Here’s just one study showing test persons eating less at lunch when they started the day with a breakfast with coconut oil. Another benefit, insuline and blood glucose concentrations were lower after the 3 fat breakfasts.

Good fats help weight loss. A common misconception about fats is that they make you fat. This is not true. So repeat after me, “It’s not the fats that make you fat”. Fat’s fill you up, so you eat less. Of course there’s a distinction between types of fats. Coconut oil is a saturated fat. You probably seen the lean pork products in stores right? You know how farmers grow leaner pigs? They switch from feeding them corn and soybeans (which contain mostly polyunsaturated fats) to saturated fats.

Extra virgin coconut oil is the world’s healthiest fat

Here’s why coconut oil is such a healthy, weigh loss stimulating oil. Coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides (MCTs) . This is a pretty technical story but the key element here is that coconut oil is processed differently by your body  into energy than most other fats. Therefore it actually helps burn fats, especially the dangerous belly fat. This process of allocating the fats you eat into energy, e.g. fat burning, is called thermogenic. Here’s a PubMed study showing the benefits of medium chain triglycerides for weight loss.

Belly fat reduction. Various studies have been done on the effects of medium chain triglycerides and belly fat. In one study people were either given coconut oil or soybean oil.
Although both groups lost weight the individuals who took coconut oil lost significant belly fat (the others gained some fat around the waist). Coconut oil also increased good cholesterol (HDL) and reduced bad cholesterol (LDL). For the soybean oil group this was the other way around.

One study showed that women who ate two tablespoons of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks reduced their belly fat and did not gain weight.

Ketones. When you eat coconut oil your body produces so called ketone bodies. Again a technical story but the main thing here is that ketones are known to be potent appetite reducers.

Virgin coconut oil is a primary fuel source for intestinal cells which makes it a powerful digestion booster.


If you don’t do so already, I would strongly recommend to add virgin cocounut oil to your diet. It’s not even that expensive anymore and it’s a life changer. It’s super healthy, tastes delicious (at least that’s why I think), and it can help you lose weight.

Just think about the pigs that are fed coconut oil weeks before they are slaughtered.

On recommendation of the Department of Animal Science of North Carolina State University, the pigs are fed saturated fats during the “finishing time” which is a period of several weeks before slaughter. Some farmers are now actually using coconut oil for slimming their animals.

Dr. Oz also recommends coconut oil as a health fat that helps weight loss. (as was demonstrated by two people in his show who, together, lost 300 pounds.

They contain omegas, which provide benefits ranging from curbing hunger to improving your thyroid function. says Dr. Oz.

Here are other dietary supplements that are recommended by Dr. Oz.

How to use virgin coconut oil for weight loss

You might wonder how to add it to your diet in order to get the weight loss benefits. What I do is put it on toast, just add a tablespoon at my rice dishes, bake fish or eggs in it. Some people put it in their coffee or tea as well. You can experiment and try what works for you.

A really delicious recipe I got yesterday, make a smoothie with almond butter, banana, coconut oil and almond milk. You also add some cinnamon or cardemom.

Note, be wise about your dietary habits and don’t overdo it. It’s good to use more types of cooking oils. It’s like our mothers or grandmothers said, too much of anything is never good.

Where to buy virgin coconut oil for weight loss?

There are three types of coconut oil:

  • refined (made from dried coconut that has been bleached and deodorized).
  • organic (grown using organic manure),
  • (extra) virgin (extracted from fresh coconut without using chemicals or high temperatures)

You can buy organic or extra virgin coconut oil at the better groceries, organic stores and order it online.

To get an impression of what other people buy, here’s a list with the bestselling, best reviewed coconut oils on Amazon.

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How To Lower Your Triglyceride Levels and Insulin Resistance And Lose Weight

Do you know what the secret to substantial weight loss is? I’m asking because many people still don’t know.

A hint.  It’s not exercising more then you already do.

It’s also not reducing calories per se. This because it makes a world of difference where you get your calories from. To get this myth out of the world, a calorie is not a calorie.

If you have a good diet coach or have read some good books or websites on weight loss you will probably know that cutting back on sugars is one of the most effective things you can do to lose weight.

Modern scientists, diet experts, doctors all agree, it’s not fat that makes us fat.

It’s sugar that makes us fat.

On top of that sugar is causing all kinds of diseases too. Like renowned Dr. Lustig (pediatric endocrinologist at UC San Francisco) says, sugar is a poison. (in the literal sense of the word)

Dr. Lustig has an eye-opening presentation on how sugar is a poison, (it’s called, Sugar, The Bitter Truth) how it’s in almost all processed foods, and after watching it I bet you will stop, or at least significantly reduce, your sugar intake. I know I did.

Next to reducing your sugar intake (stop drinking sodas during the week, and pay attention to the ingredients of the foods you buy) there are some other things that can help you lose weight. Surprisingly, exercising is not enough.

The problem, sugar (fructose, glucose) is everywhere. High corn fructose syrup for example is present in almost all foods we eat nowadays. As a result we did not only get fat and sick but we developed leptin resistance and have sky high triglyceride levels. (fat cells in our blood).

And let these two be essential to losing weight effectively. The key to weight loss is to get your insulin levels down. (insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar)

Because we have been eating so much sugar the past decades our insulin levels are unhealthy high. (Sugar makes insulin go up)

The first and foremost thing to do is sugar intake reduction. But that isnt enough.

So how to reduce insulin levels?

“Insulin resistance generates leptin resistance. The practical advice is: Get your insulin down,” Lustig says. “How do you get insulin down? The best way is don’t let it go up. . We are overdosed on sugar in this country. I think that if we got the sugar down, our insulin resistance would improve and that would help with the weight loss.”

According to Dr. Lustig, reducing high triglyceride levels helps, too. Too much triglyceride makes it harder for leptin to travel from the blood to the brain, thus signaling you that you are full.

Insulin resistance is directly linked to high triglyceride levels. So the key here is to get lower your triglyceride levels.

How to get your triglyceride levels down?

Apart from a healthy diet, e.g. more fish, less red meat etc. there are some supplements that can help lower triglyceride levels.

Some are often recommended but if you look closer at research you’ll find that they are not clinically proven effective.

However, scientists say that more research is needed to confirm whether it can work in humans. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for example has been shown to lower triglyceride levels in mice but wether or not it works in humans remains to be seen.  (source WebMD)

The same for popular remedies such as garlic and niacin.

So which supplements do work?

Triglyceride lowering supplements:

Fish oil may help lower triglyceride levels, thanks to omega-3s they have in them like EPA and DHA.

  • Fish oils. Fish oils are fat, so be aware that taking in omega-3s  from supplements will add calories to your diet. 2-4 grams of fish oil per day is recommended.
  • Psyllium. Fiber is a powerful cholesterol-buster and part of a healthy diet. Fiber also helps lower triglycerides, especially for people with type 2 diabetes. It’s best to get your fibers from foods such as whole grains, veggies, and fruits but often, with our busy schedules, that’s simply not possible. In these cases psyllium makes for a useful addition. It’ll whisk away cholesterol. As with all fibers, be informed that it can make  your visits to bathroom more frequently. Psyllium is also recommended by Dr. Oz.


Final note. Supplements are called supplements for a reason. They will only lead to effective weigh loss and an healthier body with lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels if you take them as part of a larger weight loss plan.

A well-balanced diet, regular exercise are most likely required to achieve your goals.

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dr oz

Dr. Oz’ Best Weight Loss Tips

dr oz
Dr. Oz

When searching for the best solutions to be able to lose weight, reading on the internet is at times confusing because one website might suggest something different from the others. The good news is that there are public figures whom you could take advice and follow their recommendations.

The famous Dr. Oz for example is not only a doctor by profession, but also a health expert who has conducted several studies and actual experiments on the best solutions to staying fit and healthy including the goal of losing weight.

On his website, Dr. Oz lists the top 100 weight loss tips. Picking out the most vital and striking suggestions gives us the following best weight loss tips.

  • Plan your meals ahead of time. This would prevent you from making unplanned and unhealthy meal choices which happens regularly during the busy hours of office work.
  • Use the healthier methods of cooking. Instead of frying which exposes you to high amounts of fat, you should start learning to cook menus that require roasting, steaming, baking, etc.
  • Don’t skip meals. You might think that by skipping meals you lessen the food you consume. But the resulting huge hunger or appetite might just urge you to consume more.
  • Spices help. Spices work in two ways, they help burn down fat faster by improving your metabolism and they help tone down your appetite and eventually the amount of food you consume. Besides spices there are some other natural substances that are known to stimulate weight loss. Click here to see which natural diet pills are recommended by Dr. Oz.
  • Reduce or eliminate stress. Stress contributes to excessive food cravings especially during depression or mood swings.
  • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep affects the hormones that regulate hunger. Additionally, the longer you stay awake and physically active, the more frequent you’ll feel hungry.
  • Fit your meal in a 9-inch plate. You don’t have to literally replace all your plates with the smaller 9-inch saucers. That should be the maximum size of your meal when spread. And ensure you fit all the food groups in that plate.
  • Consume liquid or soup-based foods. You can literally consume more yet less with the liquid or soup-based menus. The liquid or soup part can make you feel full yet actually just consumed water.
  • Use fruits as your snack. Aside from eating them on their own, you can create a fruit puree and dip that would complement your potato chips.
  • Be busy on something else. Instead of slacking around which would just trigger you to eat, find something else to do. Dr. Oz even recommends a regular playtime in bed with your partner to shed of excess weight.
  • Aside from fruits, nuts are the best snacks. Nuts don’t only make you feel full, but also serves as a better past time providing an alternative thing to consume than a full or large meal.
  • Kim Lyons’ Fat Flush Water helps. Dr. Oz also notes the importance of flushing out body toxins with water by recommending Kim Lyons’ Fat Flush Water solution. It’s basically water infused with the best fruits and herbs that helps burn down fat and regulate important body chemicals such as sugar and insulin. The Fat Flush Water solution is made out of water infused with grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber, and peppermint.

Think you can use some of these tips to your advantage? The one tip that really opened my eyes and helped my lose unwanted pounds around the waist was to never (or almost never) eat until you are full.

When you eat until  you are full you are actually overeating. This has to do with the fact that it takes a while for the stomach to signal the brain it has had enough. Do you have great tips? You can share them below.

Oh, and don’t forget to check which diet pills Dr. Oz recommends.

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Are Fat Burner Pills Safe and Effective?

Are fat burner pills actually effective is a question many people think about but what they don’t realize is the fact that the answer to this question is directly proportional to the kind of expectations one has.

If people who are aiming to lose weight believe that the use of fat burners will help them shed off the fat they created by eating excessively for years instantly, they are mistaken.

These particular dietary aids should be thought of as something that are an add-on to other existing dispositions. This means that alongside using these supplements, you have to indulge in exercising, eat healthy, and minimize the proportion of food you eat.

Without these important steps to alter your overall lifestyle, not only will fat burner pills prove to be ineffective but also, other weight loss attempts will prove to be no good either.

It is also important to note that some of the fat burners are considered effective while the most are ineffective. To be honest, most of the fat burners that are present come under the last category.

Many such pills are inadequate but are widely present in the consumer markets because the manufacturing companies want to make easy money out of these products since they are so high in demand. What is also true is the fact is that people blindly purchase these without having adequate information about the brand or ingredients they are purchasing.

Before you go out to purchase these, you need to do some research over the internet. Also, be sure to get in contact with a nutritionist or dietitian. Once you are sure about the brand you have in mind and start using fat burner pills that come under the “good” category, you definitely will attain effective results. Learn more about the best selling, best rated fat burner of this moment by reading this post: Where to buy Phen375.

Here’s how effective fat burners can aid your fat loss goals:

  • Suppression Of Appetite Helps In Lowering Intake Of Calories

    A lot of the fat burners provide help in suppressing one’s appetite. Your (over)eating desires decline and the satiated feeling kicks in more quickly, as a result of which, you consume less food. However, it is important for you to eat healthy during the days and also ensure that you are taking sufficient amount of calories that are needed by the body to produce energy. A currently very well received appetite suppressing product that also helps burn extra fat is African Mango extract. Read more about my personal experiences.

  • Increased Energy Helps You Maintain Focus

    You need to keep going to attain slimming targets. Lots of dieters have experienced starting a weight loss program while very determined at the start only to lose hope after time proceeds. The additional energy that is provided by some good fat burner pills is unmatched and thus helpful. People can make it through strenuous exercising routines without losing determination or getting overly tired. By the use of these pills, your energy levels increase and you maintain your focus.

  • Fat Loss As A Result Of Optimized Metabolism

    Natural hormones are activated by the use of good quality fat burners, which in turn enhance the metabolic rate of an individual. Subsequently, the anabolism of the body is optimized for allotting proteins and amino acids. Due to this, there an raise in muscle building in the body. All of this is combined with the reinforcement of catabolism that will help in breaking down food in a lot more effective manner.

Are They Safe?

Most are safe although many of them do not work. Some are not safe. The FDA does a good job at regulating the market and keeping a close eye but consumer caution is needed. The most notorious contained Ephedra and other now prohibited substances. A popular but determined unsafe product was the now prohibited Phentermine. This supplement should not be confused with the FDA approved and highly popular Phentemine375. This pharmacy grade, yet over-the-counter fat burner has helped many dieters shed weight this year alone. Read more in this Phen375 weight loss pills review.

Concluding: Are Fat Burners Actually Effective?

Fat burners do work but there are some conditionalities for their efficacy. First of all, it is important that you have selected a product that is of good quality. Also, lifestyle alterations are very important if you want to achieve desired results. It is not possible to go without any physical exercise or lessen your food intake and still believe that fat burners will work. The small routine changes are in fact a prerequisite for the effective working of fat burner pills.

Which Fat Burner Pills Should I Purchase?

Go through a lot of reviews, keep a close eye on ingredients, and question yourself as to which kind of product will best meet your expectations. If you are allergic to some ingredient, don’t go for that product. Question yourself as to what kind of product you want and then purchase the desired one.

The commonly heard remark that all fat burners are not effective at all is incorrect. By taking the necessary steps, fat burner pills will provide you with definite assistance in losing weight and may finally help you feeling content about your body again.

The Most Recommended Weight Loss Pills of 2011.

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Artificial Pancreas May Offer Relief To Diabetes Sufferers

“Mayo Clinic endocrinologists are developing an artificial pancreas that will deliver insulin automatically and with an individualized precision never before possible.

The “Closed Loop System” under development includes a blood sugar monitor, an automatic insulin pump, a set of activity monitors that attach to the body, and a central processing unit.”

Read the whole article on

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Simple and Easy Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

During the holidays we tend to eat more and less healthy and our physical activity is often on a lower level too. Those who keep a food journal will often keep it at home for those few days which of course is completely understandable.

It’s no surprise to anyone that these days will often lead to extra body fat and as a result our weight loss goals are set back a few pounds. So how to avoid these disadvantages (or at least reduce them) without having to deny yourself all the joy that comes with tasty dishes and hanging around with family and friends? Here are some simple and easy tips everyone can use to their advantage during the holidays.

  • Eat smaller portions. This may seem a no-brainer but sizing your portions down will make a big difference. If you take smaller bites, and chew the delicacies longer you will be able to enjoy them more and thus will you need less. Keep in mind that it’s not the quantity but the quality.
  • Make sure to cut down the portions already on the day or few days before the holidays so you are adjusted to eating less. Do not starve yourself because you are then inclined to over-eat which obviously doesn’t help you at all.
  • Put more vegetables on your plate because if you eat more veggies you will automatically eat less foods that are high in fats and starch.
  • Skip deserts for these are most often calorie bombs. You can make this easier for yourself to eat a little more from the main course or drink extra water during and/ or after the main dish
  • Adjust your food intake during traveling. Many will (have to) travel during the holidays. Make sure to pack healthy snacks such as carrots, whole grain wheat products, and fruits to resist the temptation of buying fattening snacks during the journey.
  • Stay active. While visiting family or friends you can help out in the kitchen, take a walk in the garden, or manage to stay active in other ways. A great way to burn some additional calories is to take a walk in the morning or evening. You can invite others as well or go alone. I myself like to go for an early morning walk (or jog) on the beach when I visit my family during vacations
  • Another one in the same category: Do some short exercises when you wake up. When I sleep over I often start the day with some push-ups before going into the shower. It not only helps burn calories but makes you feel more energetic as well. You can also do some yoga or tai-chi exercises or whatever suits you. If you don’t know any easy physical activities you can do at that moment of the day just check YouTube for inspiration.
  • Don’t forget about the weight gaining properties of alcohol. Not only foods will make you gain weight during the holidays but alcohol is weight gainer as well. Try to drink a few glasses of water between the beers or wines you are drinking. Once accustomed to this habit it won’t be difficult anymore. I know from experience.
  • Make sure to exercise the days before the days off. This will help you stay motivated. Once you have exercised and eaten well the past days you are more inclined to keep this good habit up during the vacation. You already feel proud and satisfied about yourself and that feeling sticks with you for a while. This is another reason to cut down your alcohol intake because alcohol makes you forget your good intentions but the day after you are aware of your failure so much the more.
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How Fat Free Milk Hinders Weight Loss

glass of milk
photo by ranveig
Personally I always avoid fat free products such as skim milk. All things created by mother nature are balanced. For each predator there is a prey. Every poison has a natural antidote. This mechanism is present on all levels. Once the balance is disturbed problems arise.

I am convinced this is the same for our foods. Some studies show that once fat is extracted from milk, calcium will not be absorbed as well by our body and protein can’t be digested. Vitamins D and A are fat-soluble so without the fat they can’t be absorbed. And on top of that, milk fat contains glycosphingolipids, which are types of fats that seem to enhance your immune system.

Increasing evidence supports the claim that low-fat milk does not help weight loss. Even more interesting, various research findings demonstrate that fat free milk may even promote weight gain.

The conclusion of one 2005 study among 13,000 children conducted on the Harvard School of Public Health was that:

“Contrary to our hypothesis skim and 1% milk were associated with weight gain, but dairy fat was not.”

Acceptance of the notion that fats suppress appetite is increasing. Dietary fats promote the release of a hormone called cholecystokinin, which causes fullness. Fats also slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, reducing the amount that can be stored as fat.

Nature hasn’t put fat in milk for no reason. It is in there for a purpose and if you are worried about taking in to much fats or sugar just drink a bit less of it. Moreover, most fats in dairy products are healthy and will not make you fat. In fact it’s not the fats in your diet but the inability to break down fats that will cause you to gain weight.

It’s becoming widely accepted that fats actually curb your appetite, by triggering the release of the hormone cholecystokinin, which causes fullness. Fats also slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, reducing the amount that can be stored as fat. In other words, the more fat in your milk, the less fat around your waist.

More on the studies in this article; Is Skim Milk Making You Fat?

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