Do Cinnamon Pills Help Weight Loss?

cinnamon helps weight loss
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Studies demonstrate that cinnamon has a positive influence on cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, and enhances insulin function. (Triglycerides are a type of fat in the bloodstream and fat tissue. MedlinePlus )

Subsequently cinnamon is claimed to be a useful in lowering the risk on diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and other obesity-related diseases.

Renowned cinnamon researcher Dr. Richard Anderson (Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, United States Department of Agriculture) mentions a study he and his team have conducted. In this study the intake of cinnamon extract induced weight loss, specifically body fat reduction.

During the clinical trial the individuals took two capsules of 500mg total daily for a period of 12 weeks. This is about the same as 1.5 tablespoon (10 g.) of whole cinnamon powder.

So taking one to two tablespoons of cinnamon daily will help weight loss?

There are probably not much among us who eat that much cinnamon. Although it may help reduce body fat and even raise your lean body mass (something the study revealed) it may not be that simple.

As Dr. Anderson states; “when consuming high amounts of polyphenols in the diet the salivary glands produce a protein that binds and minimizes their effects.”

Since it’s in fact the polyphenols in cinnamon that are considered the weight loss inducing agents it may be concluded that the use of capsules (no exposure to saliva) may be much more efficient.

Other researchers share this opinion and state that it would be very hard to eat enough cinnamon to help weight loss substantially without using a supplement. (source; Dr. Andrew Blannin, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham)
Beneficial effects of cinnamon on blood sugar levels

In another study test persons with Type 2 diabetes were administered capsules containing one, three or six grams of cinnamon powder daily after meals. Within several weeks the individuals had up to 20% reduced blood sugar levels compared to the control group. When they stopped taking cinnamon their blood sugar started rising again.


Where to buy cinnamon pills?

They can be bought in stores such as Walmart or online on eBay or Amazon . Some people make their cinnamon pills themselves by using empty gelatin capsules which can be bought at most health food stores.

Critical note: As with all weight loss inducing nutrients like peppers, coffee, green tea, and other, the effects of cinnamon may be marginal in case you are dealing with serious overweight. Spiking your daily diet with such foods will help according to many experts and studies but for most people this may not be enough.

For a more substantial diet supplement read this article about Why Dr. Oz recommends Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss.

More physical activity and a balanced diet are essential for effective and permanent weight loss. Also certain, more powerful supplements, may be useful to speed up the process. Here’s some more info on recommended diet pills.

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