Dr Oz: Eat Your Body Fat Away With Healthy Fats and the FBCx Supplement

Of course the magic diet pill still hasn’t been found. And it will probably take a while before that will happen. If ever.

But when you combine eating wisely and exercising with the right supplements you can definitely lose weight.

Something to keep in mind, despite what many people think, exercising is not the most important factor in losing weight effectively. Your diet is. Recent studies show that:

Exercise alone leads to a very modest decrease in total body weight: less than 3 percent!

As I’ve said before, being aware of which foods are good for you and which not is the main component in structural weight loss.

How to eat more healthy and store less fat

To just sum up the key factors here, cut back your sugar and white starches intake as much as possible. Eat more plants, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, and don’t be scared of fats, whole milk, butter, dairy, and other honest real foods.

You may think, doesn’t dairy make me fat? No it does not. Studies show that people who are calcium deficient have more body fat and are less able to control their appetite.

Moreover, studies also show that dairy sources of calcium more significantly aid fat loss than other sources.

Often low fat and light cheese are recommended for this purpose. I myself think whole products are healthier than light products, margarine, or other processed stuff. Just take them in moderation.

The good thing of eating fats is that they make you feel full longer so you are less inclined to snack or eat more in general.

fats have 9 calories per gram compared to 4 for protein or carbs so a little bit of nuts or peanut butter can ward off hunger for hours

On top of that, certain fats are really healthy and induce weight loss in an additional way. (more in a bit) The recently discovered and now very popular FCBx pills are also claimed to help you get slimmer.

How does the FCBx supplement aid weight loss?

When you  maintain a balanced sensible diet certain supplements may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

One of those is FBCx, a fat-burning supplement that burns calories recently acclaimed by Dr. Oz.

Together with healthy fats such as avocado, almond butter, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, mackerel, sunflower oil and seeds, olives, FBCx shows to help you get slimmer.

Dr. Oz recently said in his TV show:

“Science shows us it absolutely works, literally, we can eat away at the fat in our bodies.”

The healthy, slimming fats are so called monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). They help you get rid of excess fat because you eat less other food but also because they take longer to digest.

Which fats will help you shed pounds?

Multiple renowned sources basing their claims on scientific evidence state that monounsaturated fatty acids are powerful reducers of belly fat.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) however have shown to shed of stored fat cells in your body too. PUFAs are present in fish and fish oil as well as nuts and seeds.

According to a Dutch study dietary intake of PUFAs increases resting metabolic rate, as well as the amount of calories you burn.

Other benefits of monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • help flush out fat in your body
  • reduce inflammation (known to be the major cause of chronic diseases).
  • prevent heart disease, dementia, and diabetes,
  • give you a more radiant, youthful skin

A bit more about FBCx

FBCx is a special type of fiber. You may know that all fibers bind to fat but what’s so special about FBCx is that it is able to bind and eliminate up to 9 times its weight in fat compared to the 1:1 ratio of conventional dietary fibers.

Because of this unique property it is able to help you reduce up to 500 calories of fat per day. FBCx works best for those days when you follow your diet less strictly.

Dr. Oz recently said:

“Every time you cheat on your diet, I want you to grab one of these itty-bitty pills. This tiny tablet can push a lot of fat out of your body.”

Another benefit of taking FBCx is that it reduces triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels in our blood. (Here more on how to lower your triglyceride levels and insulin resistance .)

On top of that, the supplement also is proven to enhance insulin sensitivity without side effects.

Here’s a popular, well-reviewed FBCx fiber supplement on Amazon.

Do you already incorporate healthy fats in your diet? Did you notice improvement? Weigh in below..

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